About us


Sierra Properties are a small development company, as well as one off custom builders, operating in the Bayside area of Melbourne.

We believe in the mantra that less is more, never taking on more than we can handle at any onetime. In turn, this it allows us to have full control of all projects, taking all the necessary care that is required to produce high end luxury townhouses as well as one off custom homes for clients.

Being a small builder, our working environment is one of ownership and accountability. We accept praise where its due, as well as criticism if warranted. We do not shy away from our responsibility as your builder, we understand that whether you are purchasing a townhouse from us, or you have engaged us to design and construct, that you are parting with hard earned money and deserve excellence.

With over 15 years experience in the building industry, we have found trades that like to work our way, and the right way. Our relationship with our trades and suppliers is one of trust, understanding and most importantly respect.

Every single person that walks onto a Sierra Properties site plays an important role in delivering the finished product. Without one, cannot come the other, so everybody is treated equally regardless how big or small their role is.

If you are looking a personal, open and honest construction process, and a home built with care, please get in touch.

Ryan Boyd, Director